30-day blog challenge: (Day 1)

This guy started a 30-day blog challenge. You won’t believe what happens next…

Click-bait headlines? Nailed it.

Next up: Moving past the headline (as well as the minor errors on my website that needed fixing, answering a couple of emails, checking on Cam Newton’s injury, and making a chicken & rice hash for breakfast) to actually writing.

ive-decided-that-writing-is-like-childbirth-its-painful-and-2See, the thing is: I don’t like writing. I pretty much hate it. You know, that process where you sit down at the computer with a story in mind (or a client e-book that’s due…crap, today) and you turn thoughts into words that don’t suck.

(A quick aside (he said, parenthetically), my S.O. claims that you don’t try to write things that don’t suck. You just write any ol’ words. Apparently she has read a thing or two about writing, and is willing to talk on the subject. Not that the advice has had much effect on me, because I’m rather convinced that if I don’t use BACKSPACE several times on each sentence, I’m going to end up with absolute incoherence (a scientific term which is a combined measure of grammaticity, interestingness, and not-sounding-like-the-Michelle-Bachmann-of-blogging-challenge-intros). In the previous sentence, I amended my sentence 5 times once I started counting.)

There are some people who enjoy writing. This is not to say that it isn’t hard for them, just that they actually enjoy the process of putting metaphorical pen to paper. Just as there are people who enjoy working out: It is painful and hard for them, but they look forward to it.

I am not either of those kinds of people.

I dislike the act of writing in the same way my 13 year-old dislikes…well, pretty much everything that isn’t playing video games. The way most sane people dislike networking events. Think of Willie Scott’s reaction to dinner in Temple of Doom.

This is a perfect time to step aside from the blog to research the life of the actor who played Short Round

What gives?

So, here I am doing a challenge to write 30 blog entries in as many days. Why? Well, a few months ago I started working at my S.O.’s business creating content, which is a fancy marketing term for “writing.”

I noticed that the more I wrote, the easier it became. So this is the kickoff to my writing training month. Mandatory inspirational training montage goes here:

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