History, human nature, and an open door

November 9, 2016    

This post is about finding a way to move forward with — not in opposition to — my fellow Americans…

We need more cookies

June 16, 2016     / / /

In the wake of the Orlando mass shooting at a gay nightclub, there was a lot of the usual ideological…

It’s never too late to change

September 17, 2015    

It’s never too late for any of us to make that one different choice which changes everything. I didn’t know it two years ago, but I had already made mine.

It’ll all be over soon: 48 hours to make a film

August 22, 2015     /

I’d never made a film in my life, and these guys knew it. In addition, we would have to write, shoot, edit, and score the entire film in under 48 hours.

Sketchy advice: 8 easy steps to writing articles

June 4, 2015     / /

I had lunch with a friend yesterday, who also happens to write about technology. He asked me about my process for…

Zen and the art of homeschooling from an improv perspective

April 3, 2015     / / /

I wrote this article for the National Alliance of Secular Homeschoolers blog. View original article.   Your suggestion is “write…

Book Review: The Bone Clocks

January 30, 2015    

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell My rating: 3 of 5 stars I wanted to love this book, I really…

On homeschooling

December 17, 2014     /

Wherein Carey attempts to defend the homeschool movement, and answer a few questions he assumes you all have.

On Being Quirky

December 16, 2014     / /

Watching other people’s reactions is one of the best things about being quirky. Here are the oddities that get me the best WTF looks.

On Improv

December 12, 2014     / /

Improv is a strange thing. It can lead you to being on stage, having baby oil applied by complete strangers. And it can change your life.