It’s never too late to change

It’s too late for me to start over.

That was me on this day two years ago. Actually, it was me on almost all of my days back then. I felt stuck, trapped, unable to move. I had made a decision years back to get into I.T. — not because I liked it, but because I felt like I needed to be able to earn a living at a “real” job. And I floated downstream with that decision, until the stream became a river, and the river etched out a canyon with high, steep walls too daunting to even look up.

But I was wrong. It’s never too late for any of us to make that one different choice which changes everything. I didn’t know it two years ago, but I had already made mine. Because I was very anxious around other people and socially awkward, I had finally decided to do something about it at the urging of my personal coach.

I took an improv class.

I couldn’t even bear to do that alone. I wrangled my kung fu buddy, James, into going with me. It was great fun, and I was happy I had gone, but I didn’t yet realize what was about to happen.

improv-cohortsOn September 27, 2013 we had our student show: Me, James, Jamie, Kim, and Lisa. And something, very small and almost unnoticed, happened.


I realized I could change.

It took a while for that tiny germ to gain traction, to gather momentum, to snowball into a real force…but it did. I started performing almost every weekend (I have over 100 shows under my belt now).

In 2014, I shut down by I.T. consulting business (with an enormous amount of emotional and financial support from Heather and her own journey of re-creation). I started writing. I started creating stupid little videos. They didn’t amount to much, but it was OK. I knew that the seed would grow, given the right conditions.

At the last-minute urging of Jamie, I went blind to an open audition for some film thing I didn’t fully understand (last year’s Charlotte 48 Hour Film Project). Despite my terrible monologue, I was invited to join a team and helped create a short film. I was only a small part, but another seed was planted.

This year — because WHY NOT? — I asked if anyone wanted to join me to make our own film for the 48 Hour Film Project. We did, and it was amazing! (It wasn’t just us who thought so. We won Best Film of the night and will be competing at the 2016 Filmapalooza international festival in March!)

At the beginning of this year, I jumped at the chance to take a sketch writing class with Noah Lemmons of Robot Johnson Sketch Comedy fame. I haven’t written any great sketches yet, but that seed sprouted an idea, and that idea turned into something real.

This morning, two years away from being completely sure that my life, my path were set in stone…

…this morning I submitted a TV sitcom Pilot. Because that is my life now. I have a production team in The Queen’s Miscreants, and we’re working on two new film projects. I’m also working with several businesses and non-profits to create videos for them.

And I couldn’t be happier with it all!

All because of one tiny change in me: believing that change is not only possible, it’s quite easy. All you need to escape your canyon is to fill your life with more of the things you love, and as you do the rising waters will lift you over the edge!


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  1. Nice work, Sir! I only wish I weren’t too old to change… ^_^

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