Carey - casualCarey Head is a writer, comedian, and filmmaker based in the Charlotte (NC) metro area. In 2013, as a break from the seriousness of his IT consulting business, he took a weekend improv course.

Carey’s weekend hobby quickly evolved into a new full-time pursuit. He left his 18-year career in IT for more creative endeavors. By 2014, he had joined the cast of Charlotte Comedy Theater and launched the Igno-Rants podcast. In 2015, Carey made his first foray into film with “Clocking Out”, an award-winning short produced for the Charlotte 48-Hour Film Project, plus several screenplays. His first short fiction, “The Prodigal”, was published in 2016.

When not working on creative pursuits, Carey spends his time cooking, hunting, watching his beloved Crimson Tide, and homeschooling three boys.