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  The Queen’s Miscreants 01
Film & TV / Writing

OVERVIEW The Queen’s Miscreants is a film group based in Charlotte, NC. We are primarily made up of local improvisers…

  Dick Kelly 02
Comedy / Film & TV

Hilarious, haphazard and inexplicably peculiar, this web series follows the crime solving adventures of an unconventional P.I. as she mixes…

  Igno Rants on College Football 03
Comedy / Podcasts

Igno Rants on College Football is a light-hearted podcast focusing primarily on the SEC, with particular emphasis on Auburn and…

  Commercial Work 04

I also have extensive experience creating powerful media for brands and businesses, including: Engaging Videos Brand Naming Powerful Content

  Improv! 05
Comedy / performance

I started performing with CCT with my student show in September 2013. These people are my tribe.  Come see one…

  Fiction 06
fiction / Writing

This is a brand-new endeavor for me, and as such there is a scant one (1) short story currently sitting…